The origin of churro


The fritter dough is composed of flour, water and salt cooked in oil. the origins of this tradition are unknown. There are many theories …. The source has several aspects, one of which indicates that comes with pasta and other bodies in ancient China.

Is Marco Polo, the Venetian traveler who is in charge to take it to Europe, where it is established in Spain, as do the pizzas and pasta in Italy. Some suggest that consumed in Catalonia began in the early nineteenth century, others that the Arabs brought to the peninsula, others point to the shepherds, deriving its name from cattle churro, as the creators of this delicacy.

In any case, there is no documentation of their origin. Even that was the Egyptian civilization which already had peculiar food, as seen in this picture. Tomb of Ramses III in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. making bread is shown. If you look good a person appears with two sticks in front of a fire cauldron carrying what looks like a wheel Churros. Could this be the origin of the Churro? …

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